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«100 Year Memory». An Exclusive Concert held at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris


A concert of classic music dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Genocide was held at the reputable Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. Under the auspices of the presidents of Armenia and France the World Armenian orchestra also took part in the concert held on the 21st of April, which had gathered together all the Armenian talented musicians from each corner of the world. And the orchestra was conducted by a famous conductor of Armenian descent Alen Altinoglu.
The evening launched with Aram Khachaturyan’s work called “Ball”, then Ciel a vif” by composer Michael Petrossyan, Elizabeth II Queen award winner in succession. It was the turn of Mozart’s “Requiem” in succession of miniatures by Komita’s with the reproduction of Michael (Мишель) Petrossyan.
This unique initiative had the aim to once more proclaim the massacre realized at the beginning of the 20th century and to make Armenian voices audible just with their forces.

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