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Kim Kashkashian. “Armenia has changed culturally… the Philharmonic Orchestra is just fantastic.”


On September 17, in the frame of Yerevan 9th International Festival will be held a concert with participation of world-renowned violist Kim Kashkashian. Before the concert, the musician gave a master class for young Armenians. The violist full of enthusiasm and sparkling energy, gave the audience a real holiday, a master class in an exclusive atmosphere really impressed young musicians.

During the meeting Culture.AM had an exclusive interview with “Grammy” award winner Kim Kashkashian. In an interview violist noted that much has changed in recent years in Armenia.

- Much … I do not feel like I am visiting the same country. I see enormous change. Now it is too much universally cosmopolitan. Armenia has also changed culturally. Armenia has changed its focus, I do not know, that’s good or bad, but perhaps it’s necessary for survival.

Kim Kashkashian does not consider Armenia her Motherland, but she confidently says that it is her fathers’ land. She said frankly that she doesn’t speak Armenian, and even though in childhood she used to know some words, make sentences in Armenian, after leaving, everything has changed, the language was forgotten. She is eager to speak Armenian, but as she says, she’s not able, unfortunately. To our question what she knows about our nowadays culture, Kim Kashkashian noted with regret that just because of the language, she can’t even read newspapers to be aware of culture, current events, what’s going on here, and thus preferred not to express any opinion. But even so she didn’t forget to commend the Philharmonic Orchestra.
I have never visited Your Conservatory, I don’t know your musicians personally, so I feel incompetent to say anything, but the Philharmonic Orchestra is just fantastic.

To our question what emotions she has as a “Grammy” award winner, the musician replied modestly that first of all she is happy for all those composers who write music specially for viola.
-I am very-very happy for the composers, for their getting recognition, also for viola, because due to “Grammy” viola got recognition as an instrument. So I feel like a good missionary.




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