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”Armenian Voices” First Armenian Quartet in the Netherlands


The people of Armenian descent have always had strong and powerful genetics in comparison of other peoples. If some of the artists of other decent trying to pave their artistic career by taking a foreign culture as their own one, in a way being assimilated to other cultures, Armenians do stick to their roots, preserving their cultural identity and traditions, uniting around common idea and in this way being able to present once again Armenian culture to the world. This latest criteria can strongly be linked to “Armenian Voices” – the first quartet of talented singers of Armenian descent in the Netherlands, all of them having professional musical background an education (Nelly Armenyan, Deacon Assadourian, Lilith Sati and Shirak Kerob). At this time their musical activities are being dedicated to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide with the project they have recently completed, which is a CD called “a Million Armenian Voices” where music of Armenian classical composers is performed…



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