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Aznavour and Hollande Joke Around


Following world-renowned French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour’s concert, France President François Hollande, who was in Armenia on a state visit, joked with the singer.

And the Europe 1 radio correspondents listened to their conversation.

Aznavour jokingly said that he plans to give his “farewell concert” on May 22, 2024, when he will turn 100 years old.

“Well, then we will meet on that day,” Hollande responded in jest.

“I hope you will come, right?” the famous musician asked, and he received an affirmative response from the French president.

Charles Aznavour will turn 90 on May 22. In this connection, the famous singer has started a world concert tour, and, within this framework, he performed in Armenia’s capital city Yerevan on Monday.

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