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“I note with regret that many talented musicians left the country.” Narek Hakhnazaryan

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The prestigious newspaper “Washington Post” characterized the young, but already famous Narek Hakhnazaryan as the “Phenomenal cellist”. 27 years old Narek, who has gained an international reputation, was in Armenia few days ago to participate in the 10th anniversary of the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia. Despite his busy schedule Culture.AM managed to meet and talk with the “Phenomenal cellist”.
In a frank conversation with Narek, he said that his parents decided for him to become a professional musician when he was only 6. The choice of the instrument was made by his mother. In the beginning, like all children, Narek also sought to spend his day with friends, play football, and tennis.

Much time has passed since those days, and in the meanwhile, the renowned cellist proudly and unequivocally announces: violoncello is his instrument. “I think my mother’s maternal instinct prevailed and she made a right choice. Of course, in the beginning, I was forced to practice as conditions dictated. Only after 3 hours practice I was allowed to play football and so on. Now I am very grateful to my parents who did not let me go in the wrong direction, and that I have not deviated from the work of my life”. Narek admits that there are occasions when he is unable to reach a compromise with his faithful friend – Cello, but also notes that these obstacles always end up with an agreement. Violoncello is like a human being for Narek, a tantamount soul which needs to be treated as equal.

To our question about the secret of his own success, being so young but already famous, Narek replied recalling Lenin’s winged quote: “There is not such expression as “I cannot”, but there is “I do not want”. The guarantee of success, in my opinion, is always to strive for the impossible. We must be ambitious, have a dream and go towards it at any cost. Sometimes it seems to us that it’s not feasible to reach the heights, but I am sure that nothing is impossible”.
The cellist who lives away from his homeland notes with regret about inappropriate conditions for artists and scientists in our country, saying that it’s hard to live and create in a country that does not provide any financial assistance. “It’s not the only issue; there are a lot of problems. I hope that concrete steps will be taken to overcome these hardships. Unfortunately many talented musicians left the country. We should not simply say ‘Do not go’, but need to inspire and create the appropriate living standards for them to stay here”.
We resumed the conversation with Narek talking about his goals. “It’s imperative for me to preserve what I’ve acquired so far and then reach even higher levels. Financial gain will be also achieved if things are done right” says Narek. To our remark that soon he will be wealthy enough as things are going in the right way, the “Phenomenal cellist” smiled and replied shortly “I hope so”.

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