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In Baku, Ara Gevorgyan’s composition called ‘‘Artsakh’’ is once again presented as Azerbaijani

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Azerbaijani media has once again tried to mislead its readers. This time it has presented the Armenian musical composition “Artsakh” composed by Ara Gevorgyan as Azerbaijani. It is noteworthy that it has even caused the outrage of Azerbaijani users of Facebook.

Thus, on “News of Azerbaijan” Facebook page, where the articles of “Oxu.az” portal appear, a video titled “Karabakh – the pearl of Azerbaijan” was published. In this video-record the composition “Artsakh” written by the Armenian composer Ara Gevorgyan sounds. In the same time the portal says that allegedly the “author of the composition is – Fikret Amirov.”

Irada Zeynalova, who is an Azerbaijani common Facebook user, pointed at the falsification fact. “Remove this post please. This music does not belong to Fikret Amirov. The music belongs to Armenian composer, and presentation of it with our flag is sacrilege,” she wrote.

Another Facebook user called Ilgar Bay wrote, “Dear admins, remove this fiction. Fikret Amirov has not written such piece of work. You are mistaken, and you mislead the others.”

Azerbaijani media repeatedly publish articles, the authors of which try to prove that the musical composition “Artsakh” does not belong to Ara Gevorgyan. Meanwhile, the composer stated that he had to wait for 9 months for securing the copyrights to his work “Artsakh” in 1998 in the U.S. Copyright Office in the library of the U.S. Congress, and in 1999 the album “Ani” (which includes also the composition “Artsakh”) was awarded the “Best Album of the Year” (USA). Gevorgyan stated he was ready for a trail; however the representatives of Azerbaijan, apparently taking into account the absence of the arguments, did not take legal action.

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