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The music was live in the world of animated films…


When the members of the Youth Orchestra were resting, Tom from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry was at the piano.

Cinderella was dancing with her prince at the ball, but this time-with the accompaniment of the Youth Orchestra.

It was a real celebration for children at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall yesterday as the adventures of heroes from the most popular animated films of Hollywood were shown on the screen with the accompaniment of live music performed by the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia.

All children were interested in listening to live music and viewing the animated film on the big screen.

“I love Cinderella. I watch it a lot, but this one was different. I liked it a lot. I want to participate in more programs like this,” said little Diana.
Eric was impatiently waiting for the concert and said the following about it: “The animated film will be broadcast on television, and the music will be live.”

All the children commented on the concert. They were happy to see their favorite characters, were acting mischievously and were dancing…

Everyone in the audience was in a good mood…

On May 30, the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia gave an exclusive concert entitled Cartoon Non-Stop with performances of music from the most popular and beloved animated films.

The orchestra will also give the same concert on May 31 and June 1.

Let us mention that Cartoon Non-Stop is the continuation of the Hollywood Non-Stop concert series that sparked great interest in 2012, but the goal of Hollywood Non-Stop was to disseminate classical music among the youth.

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