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Youth orchestra was ready to put its strengths to the test…


The State Youth Orchestra of Armenia gave another concert at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall on May 5th.

The orchestra performed the 29th part of Rachmaninoff’s symphony poem entitled “Island of the Dead”.

The orchestra was performing the work for the first time ever.

The artistic director and conductor was Sergey Smbatyan.

In an interview with Eritasard.am, Sergey Smbatyan said the work was not only difficult, but was hard to understand as well. “However, it’s safe to say that the orchestra was ready to put its strengths to the test.”

Most of the people in the audience were young people.

Eritasard.am’s correspondent tried to get their feedback and see the youth orchestra through the youth’s eyes.

Shoghakat Tigranyan said she was very impressed. “I stayed until the end. I welcome the fact that Armenia has such talented young people.”

It should be mentioned that most Armenian young people still haven’t overcome the complexity of having their voices recorded, and that’s why many simply avoided expressing their opinions. Masha Mnjoyan, Sofi Mkheyan and Nazeni Hovhannisyan, who never miss the orchestra’s concerts, agreed to share their impressions.

“It was a great pleasure to attend the concert. The program was special in that it was in-depth and there were a lot of emotions,” Sofi Mkheyan says.

Nazeni Hovhannisyan said it was hard for her to share her impressions after listening to a performance of Rakhmaninoff. “One thing I’m happy about is that the youth orchestra takes the risk of performing difficult songs. I see the orchestra growing every day.”


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