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Big walk in night Yerevan


Russian writer Dmitri Rogachev who is State Literature award winner visited Erevan. He walked around the city and shared his feelings through the photos he had taken. We are happy to present you these photos with all the comments he wrote himself.

Night cities attract you.  Arriving to Yerevan in the evening and late dinner provoked me for a walk. City lived his ordinary life. Thursday. My walk started at midnight but I was full of energy for all night. I got separated from my group to continue walking without maps and directions, just free walk with roughly idea of location.

Walk begins…

1. Yerevan in the night is more active and lively than I expected

2. Let’s begin our walk from Mesrop Mashtots Avenue, the founder of Armenian alphabet.

3. There are enough direction signs in English and Armenian. We are on the crossroad of Aram street.

4. City is illuminated in standard yellow colours with touch of white lights. Balance of white is somewhere around.

5. Streets are getting free from many cars. There is less noise and more pleasure.

6. First floors are full of shops. Signs on the houses are mostly in Armenian, but signs on businesses are in Armenian, English and Russian.

7.  You can take a sit on many benches in this side of the city.


9. There is green illumination toward French square. First I thought that it was designed for particular house but this was not the case.

10.Square of Misak Manushyan who was French antifascist of Armenian decent. According Internet there will be underground station sometime in future.

11. Details of decorations of different times in one décor.

12. There are not many sign in Russian. Majority of names of companies are in Latin. We are walking on Amiryan street who was revolution fighter born in Baku and studied in Kiev. One of the 26 Bakin commissars. Walking in Armenia and asking what is what I do not get surprised by geographical diversity.

13. Hotel Republica located behind old houses

14. We are on most famous central Republic square now. It is very busy at this time here.

15.There are many cars and remote stage for music band System of a down.

16. Design of sign is changing

17. There are 5 buildings around square. First one is history museum with fountains in front of it that are on in the night.

18. House of the Government. The most famous and photographed building.

19.There is Yerevan TV tower behind it. The height of tower is 311.7 metres.

20. From left to right: House of the Government, Ministry of Transport, Hotel Marriott, Foreign Office and Ministry of Energie. Last two are in same building.

21. Foreign Office and Ministry of Energie are in different parts of same building

22. Let’s walk away from centre to Nalbadyan street

23. Different buildings are mixed with each other

24.  Unusual highlight on ABB Bank (Armenian Business Bank) building

25. Andrey Sakharov square with statue to him has got unusual for Russian eye highlightes around. It blinds you from all sides.

26. Pushkin street took me to parallel street of Abovyan. Locals were not surprised by man with camera walking on the streets at midnight.

27. Aznavour square and Moscow cinema. It is good that not everything covered with adverts.

28. Local modern art represented by bull.

29. Most of windows are dark already

30. It was very warm in Yerevan already. Everywhere is green.

31. I doubt those building would attracted me day time.

32. I noticed a church behind trees and walked there.

33. Big church of St. Anna, small church to Holy Katogik, Catholic residence on the left.

34. Residence on it’s own.

35. We are going to turn to circle park in the end of street which is not closed circle as Bulvar circle in Moscow. There is lobby of Eritasardakan station in foreground scene.

36.Monument of “Hand of friendship” that was a gift to Yerevan city from brother city Carerra in Italy. It was installed in 1963. Moscow street named Moskovyan is just next to it.

37. What a pitty that photo is blur. I haven’t got a tripod. Flower market is open in the night! Just open window with flowers…


39. It is empty in here already

40. Poplavok park

41.Then at some point I took a wrong turn and found this monument next to Koryun street. Park behind it called “Moscow park”

42. Finally I am in cascade. Unfinished building that can be the symbol of the city. There is a modern art exhibition in front of it. There are escalators inside.

43. I haven’t found sings under each statue. Hope you are not upset.

44. Rabbits


46. Bright dots did not looked appropriate in the beginning but on the night cascade is much prettier then in the day light.

47. I will dedicate special post to this building. Now we are going to move up to top part of cascades build on few levels. One part is not done yet and I didn’t managed to reach the top one that is symbol of Armenian renaissance. You can clearly see TV tower on left side. In front – park of modern art and theatre.

48. This is usual night Yerevan

49.Obelisk to Armenian renaissance I mentioned before from this point looks like haging over the building.


51.House-museum of Charles Aznavour.

52. Going down to horses. You can not go anywhere nowadays without them.

53. We are going to come back here to architect Alexander Tamanyan.

54. It’s almost one o’clock and we keep moving. Swan lake.

55. By chance I am on street I did not knew anything about. Apparently it is modern project of North avenue. It is almost completed building that will have shops and parking space underneath. All closed at this time pavilions lead there. We are entering Teryan street area.

56. Girls to the left, boys to the right.

57՚ Few walkers.

58. Arches to underground are striking the eye. Seems like there are too many of them.

59. Too much

60. Modern architecture of the building looks not completed in some parts. Not all work is done, not all flats are habited. Slowly this place will become lively.

61. Before fountains with drinking water were associated for me only with Rome.

62. If you are curious we can check out underground.


64. The whole street is in one style.

65.Symbolic key for the city.

66. It is time to go back to hotel.

67.There is underground pavement on my way.

68. That time I didn’t know it was an underground.


How do you like night Yerevan?

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