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Culture.AM – “Supporting border area pupils in Armenia”


Education is one of the priority sectors for each civilized country. According to statistical data, Armenia has always occupied the leading position in the world. Yes, today primary education is free in Armenia, but, unfortunately, due to financial situation, many of families do not even have an opportunity to get stationery, school bags, which has a great impact on the psychology of children.

Being an Armenian cultural, educational and scientific developinge site, Culture.am directs its first project for the benefit of pupils from socially insecure families. Surely, it’s impossible to completely fill this gap, but at least a small group of children will be provided with stationery for coming semester.

As our project is primarily targeted at those pupils from socially insecure families, who study at border schools, so with the help of our fund and your donations, the first part of stationery will be sent to border villages. For this project we conventionally define a budget of half million Armenian drams.

According to Culture.AM website terms and conditions, the project that costs the equivalent of up to 2000 USD will be placed on the website for only 60days. About how you can make a donation, you may be informed from the video “What is Culture.am”? May this project be successful and continued. (We wish this project to be successful and continued).

Photo by Narek Alexanyan
Project cost: 1060.00 $
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