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The last church of Khtskonk complex is on the edge of disappearing


Once Kars province’s Tekor canton, which reached its fluorescence in the period of Bagratuni, today it has become a breeding place for people who have changed the consciousness into instinct. In this small part with an Armenian spirit it was shining in all its glory Khtskonk complex consists of 5 churches, which have been left to the mercy of fate after appearing in neighbouring counrty’s territory by the fate. From the 5 churches situated 5 kilometres from Tekor, the only standing one is St. Sarkis, which is also on the edge of disappearing . Even the 13th Mongol invasion, because of which the church was abandoned, “didn’t remove” Armenians from this church and the monastery again opened its doors in 1878.

Akunq. net reports, because of lack of sufficient resources, complex’s 4 churches, such as St. Karapet, St. Astvatsatsin, St. Stepanos, St. Grigor are lost. In a short period of time the last 5th church will also disappear. The walls of this church are almost turned into stables, while the stones taken and destroyed by local residents, some areas were destroyed by treasure hunters.

The nation’s highest value is the creation and preservation of their culture. The nation’s enter in history and introduce itself to the world first of all by its cultural background.  The plight of the church is an example of   church complex from the magnificent Armenian culture. And may we have won many battles, but we won there in time and in history, first of all, our cultural values. And may we have not many victories in battles, but we have won in time and we have stayed in history, first of all by our cultural values.

The neighboring country’s ongoing vandalism and cultural values trample have to make our agenda and State level voices from around the world. Constant crying, bustle, sitting at home and looking at protesting against the destruction of our cultural values, is not a solution.

P.S. The recent large rise church-building is undoubtedly commendable, but it would be even more laudable that at least two of a number of churches were built, but spent resources rescuing the destruction of centuries-old churches.


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