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“The scientist has lost his prestige”. Albert Sargsyan

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The International Scientific Center of the NAS of RA was founded in 1997 on the basis of the National Academy of Sciences system’s PhD department. The activity of which was aimed to create a high-quality scientific staff based on logistics of NAS of RA due to the postgraduate and appliance and PhD. Culture.Am interviewed Albert Sargsyan, the director of the scientific-educational international centre of NAS, professor of physics-mathematical sciences in order to know about successes and problems of the centre.

- Our scientific research center is one of the structural units of Academy system which deals with the training issues of scientific staff and MA and PhD applications. Our basic function is to make scientific staff, who will replenish our scientific system and this is considered to be our main success for several years.

Our interlocutor is sure, that the knowledge is something which is necessary for everyone, despite the sphere in which he works the higher education is a must.
-Nothing makes person as free, as the knowledge. It doesn’t matter in which sphere you work or what do you speak about, you need a knowledge. If you haven’t knowledge, you can’t be free here. Neither your relative’s high position, nor the money can help you, only the knowledge can do it.

Speaking about features of the centre, Albert Sargsyan mentioned, that when the undergraduate student enters the centre, this environment supports the student to obtain scientific mentality.
-That’s why our chairs are in the corresponding places, there are more than 30 such places. We have an Institute of Low, Institute of Economy, Institute of Biology, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, etc. We choose the sphere and open the chair in that Institute. This is our specularity in comparison with other Institutes. We use all opportunities of NAS, i.e.  intellectual, territorial and technical.

By mentioning the existing problems, the director of the international scientific-educational centre of NAS mentioned, that the problems are devised from the condition of our country.
-Our opportunities are very limited, but our professors have highly qualified. Besides, it is undenyable fact, that the scientist has lost his prestige, his position. The solution of this problem is, that we must aspire to raise the prestige and importance of the scientist, because it’s impossible to move on without education and science in this century.   

 Suzanna Gareginyan (Culture.AM)
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