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Armenian Tech Studio to Unveil New Games after Award-Winning Project


Asbarez.com reports, the director of Triada Studios, Ara Adamyan, who was recently the United States, told Tert.am that the company has plans to launch new, more challenging computer games after its recent game, “Shadowmatic,” won an Apple Design Award earlier this year.
Ara Adamyan tkinks it is worth undertaking anything less significant than that: anyway it will be in the game industry.
According to his words the Apple Design Award brought the company international recognition, opening more opportunities for new and interesting initiatives.

When asked about the competitiveness of Armenian IT products in the world market, Adamyan says he very often finds them to be smart inventions that are challenging for any user in any part of the world.

“On the international market, it doesn’t matter at all if the product is Armenian or Chinese. If it is a quality product, it is always praiseworthy. In Singapore, for instance, if someone wishes to sit back and enjoy a game, it is all the same to him or her whether that’s an Armenian or Scottish game. I think that the Armenian [IT] companies manage at times to realize challenging projects, though I would rather we heard more of that success in real life,” said Adamyan.

Adamyan expects stronger government attention to the IT sector to increase the advantages of IT companies and for their further development.
“I would like the government to be more attentive and mitigate the legislation—especially the taxes for IT companies. That would be part of the efforts to encourage more organizations to come into existence.”

When asked whether he finds the salaries of Armenian IT specialists satisfactory, Adamyan replied, “In developed countries, of course, the salaries are much higher, but being in Armenia, I think that those working in the IT sector earn enough to afford a high quality life.”

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