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Dalita is the winner of “Verdinote” international music contest


Оп the initiative of «Hydramusic Company» the «Verdinote» prestigious international competition was held for 33 times In Palapuliez Sports Complex, which is located in Battipaglia city near the Neopol , Italy. This year for the first time Armenia took part in the competition, and our representative was Dalita, who had a stunning performance and took an honorary first prize. Dalita told us that she received an invitation to participate in the competition from composer, maestro Alberto Flavio Fulgoni and the song that she represented was written by him.

This year 15 participants did their best to get their recognition. Young singers from Georgia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Australia, Croatia, Switzerland and other countries had participated in this competition for many years. It is worth to be mention, that the jury of «Verdinote» competition was made up of 5 professional members and 10 young musicians, who unanimously voted for Dalita as the winner. All of them gave the maximal 10 points for our participant.

The author of the song composer, maestro Alberto Flavio Fulgoni expressed his admiration towards Dalita and pointed that it was a special honor for him that Dalita represented his song. The author of lyrics for this song is Antonella Brachian. The song has Armenian and English versions which were recorded in their studio according to maestro’s wish.

It should be added after this victory Dalita got a lot of invitations, proposals for cooperation and we’ll speak about them later.

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