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՛՛Substantive decisions” also moved on to ”Junior Eurovision” field

gohar gasparyan

This year Mikayel Varosyan is to present Armenia in an international authoritative ‘’Junior Eurovision’’ song contest. Since 2012 Mikayel has participated in Armenian rounds of this competition.  The Public TV’s creative group decided that this year he will be the delegate from Armenia in this competition. It means that the Public TV continues its ‘’adopted’’ tradition: to make a decision by themselves and by choosing a participant.

If there was a gala concert in Armenian rounds  in the beginning and the participant was elected by getting the majority of the voices, now, as in adults’ competition they pass to ‘’their decision’’. What is the criteria they choose the participant is not clear. It’s only mentioned that the decision is made by the creative group. Two days long Culture.AM was trying to get in touch with Gohar Gasparyan, the head of our delegation, to find out how they made the decision, why it was decided to change the previous regulations, who are the members of the ”creative group” and finally how they decided to choose Mika, but she wouldn’t take the phone. We also tried to contact with the Public TV and asked to connect to an appropriate department, but yesterday, while trying to connect with the department just at that very moment the ringback tone changed into nice music and turned off, but today in the afternoon it didn’t even turn on․ The operator told us that there were nobody there and they all went on vacation. Interesting, isn’t it? There is a decision, but there is no one who made it (yesterday and today in the morning they didn’t give us any information that the stuff is on holiday, but after several calls they told us that the staff is on holiday. Note, that the article has been written on the official site of H1 on July 14). This year’s Eurovision of adults was like a bitter pill to swallow and this “bitter experience” should be a lesson for us to make fair and transparent election for both the song and the performer, but more, it was made up to do the same in case of  junior eurovision.

If two days long no one can answer to our calls from that department, if NO sounds to our question to give a phone number of someone who is responsible for the department, if they can’t get someone, who can give any reply to journalists, participants’ parents, having prepared for Armenian “seeming” rounds of this competition, I think that the activity of this department unclear and unnecessary. Or probably this department workers are bored of their work, or they have a “stellar” review about themselves and started to ignore the audience (these are the most possible variants, that accured to my mind).  There is nothing to justify in either of cases, we must just be thankful to this staff  (by ignoring the offenses for the sake of future days) and open a new way for newcomers, who wouldn’t ignore people and would like their work. Just in case of being very busy, sell-phones fix the numbers and if the owner of the sell-phone wants, he/she can call back. I exclude the version that Gohar Gasparyan was busy all day long and couldn’t find a second to take the phone, I exclude this version, beacuse her facebook page was updated an some photos were added on 14 and 15 July. It’s not a case, like ‘’Conchita come and take a selfie with us”, to be ignored by incomprehensible human being with a name Conchita, it’s an ignorance towards own nation, journalists, people in general, that is inadmissible.

P.S. I have nothing against this year’s participant, conversely, he is a very good boy with great artistism and good voice. The problem is not the election of  the participant, the problem is the ”hidden and self-determined” election and the ignorance. Mika is definitely a very good boy.


Suzanne Gareginyan (Culture.AM)
Photo fromGohar Gasparyan’s Facebook page

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