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Armenia to Reveal Eurovision Song March 12

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he six-member band Genealogy, who will represent Armenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with “Don’t Deny,” will premiere the song on March 12 on Armenian public television and on theEurovision website.

The band comprises Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian, who represents Australia, Stephanie Topalian from Japan representing Asia, Essaï Altounian representing Europe, Vahe Tilbian representing Africa, and Tamar Kaprelian who the Americas. The singer representing Armenia itself will be announced later.

“We have been collaborating with numerous Armenian composers and lyricists,” the head of the Armenian delegation to the song contest Gohar Gasparyan said. “This year I was especially thrilled with the fact that after our last year’s success in Eurovision there was a wave of excitement and desire to create a winning song. The creative team of AMPTV selected the song composed by Armen Martirosyan and lyricist Inna Mkrtchyan. This was the song to perfectly fit Eurovision song format and combine all 6 unique voices creating the desired atmosphere on the stage.”

“We decided to have a double premiere and present the song along with the music video considering that it is making a greater impact and is reinforcing the power of the narrative.

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