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Students and the “Imaginary Patient”…


Students the French University in Armenia played the “Imaginary Patient”…

On May 15, students of the French University in Armenia performed notable French playwright, actor Jean-Baptiste Moliére’s comedy “Imaginary Patient” at Mher Mkrtchyan Theater for Artists.

The “Imaginary Patient was Moliére’s last play since he died while performing the play on stage.

“By performing Moliére’s play on stage again, the University and the students pay their tribute to the notable Frenchman,” Rector of the French University in Armenia Jean Jacques Montoin mentioned. The play was presented upon the students’ initiative.

The students chose Moliére because the author’s plays are always current.

In this play, Moliére addresses issues such as misery, human defects and more. Moliére’s plays have played a huge role in the upbringing of generations.

“Laughter is the best way of conveying any message. Back in the days, people would laugh during Moliére’s plays, but little did they know that the plays were in preparation for the French Revolution,” Jean Jacques Montoin said.

The play also presented at Mher Mkrtchyan Theater for Artists on May 16. The performance was in French.

Entrance was free.

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